Key points of attention:
  • Maintain your pitch attitude when reversing the direction of turn.
  • Check the yaw string and maintain a coordinated flight.
  • Turn reversal requires a changing elevator input (stick forward or backward)

In this turn reversal lesson, we will practice making a coordinated turn to one side, before making a turn to the other side without any stops in between. In the previous lesson, we’ve seen how we need to pull the stick slightly back towards us to maintain our pitch attitude in a turn. We do this to counter the effect that the glider wants to slide towards the lowest wing in a turn. When passing through the “wings level moment” with a simultaneous aileron and rudder input, you will need to move the stick forward a little bit to maintain a constant pitch attitude. Otherwise the nose would move up and the airspeed would decrease. When you’ve reached the desired bank angle in the opposite direction, you will have to pull the stick slightly aft again (towards you) to maintain the same pitch attitude. Make sure the glider’s nose does not move up or down during this turn reversal exercise. Above all, scan for traffic before and during the exercise, and pay special attention to bits of airspace that you couldn’t see before turning.

When making turn reversals, we keep an eye on the horizon and maintain our pitch attitude.